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Register for Annual Meeting & Convention!!
We're Making a Splash - Together!!  Annual Meeting and Convention will be June 4-6 in Kansas City, jointly with the Kansas Credit Union Association.  Registration is now available online.  Please visit the Annual Meeting page under League Initiatives.  

Nebraska CUs Offered Vehicle Auction Services through New Partnership
Cooperative Solutions Group has added Nebraska Auto Auction as a new strategic partner to provide credit unions a vehicle auction service designed to optimize financial return.  In conjunction with the relationship, Nebraska Auto Auction will offer a full range of before and after the sale services.  Read full Press Release HERE.

Crash the WOCCU/CUNA Conference!
The Cooperative Trust (by Filene) will be bringing 10 young professionals to the WOCCU/CUNA Conference in Denver on July 12-15. At this event, Crashers will join with WOCCU's WYCUP program for some of their scheduling as well as having their own workshops throughout the week. Workshops will consist of a project which will see Crashers build a business model for a brand new credit union aimed at under 35's as well as taking part in a focus group for young adults in credit unions!

Every Crasher will receive a full conference registration and subsidized hotel. Travel, remaining hotel and food costs are the responsibility of the Crasher and their credit union. 

Be sure to get your application in by May 29.

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