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Planning Services

Over the years, Nebraska credit unions have continuously evolved in structure and focus to meet the needs of their members.  A critical element of that evolution has been the existence of a coordinated planning process.  As credit union operations have increased in complexity and specialization the need for credit unions to think and plan strategically has become paramount to success.

During the process, directors and staff must plan with the presumption that given enough time and determination, credit unions can actually influence their environment.  This attitude is a dramatic departure from the notion that credit unions must completely adapt to their environment.  The prospect of being able to initiate change in the marketplace for consumer financial services is a new level of self-concept. 

Perhaps more important than the challenges that threaten credit unions’ success, are the competitive opportunities of which credit unions can take advantage.  Well-run organizations focus at least as much energy and attention on their strengths as they do their weaknesses.  Our objective is to assist credit unions in identifying the most appropriate focus for their activities and operations.

And, while the planning process is never finished, the League Services Corp. is happy to get your credit union started.  Please do not hesitate to contact Dan Collins or me if we can provide any assistance with your planning process needs.     

Planning Strategically for Credit Union Success

One of the greatest benefits your credit union can offer its members is a strategic plan for the future. The Nebraska Credit Union League Services Corporation proudly serves as a partner in helping credit unions create opportunities based on organizational strengths and build comprehensive plans of action to achieve financial stability.

Planning Models

The League Services Corp. offers three planning models: Tactical Planning, Scan-Driven Planning and Vision Planning.

Facilitation Models

NCULSC offers two types of facilitation options within the two planning models: On-Site Facilitation and Pre-Planning/On-Site Facilitation.

Phase two of the process involves the on-site facilitation by a League Services Corp. representative. The representative will provide the necessary guidance for the board and management to complete a successful planning session. The process will incorporate the critical pre-planning information as a catalyst to making the planning process a valuable experience with result oriented outcomes. The final planning document will provide you with a comprehensive success plan that will include credit union related goals and objectives and related financial information.

Contact Dan Collins, NCUL Vice President at 800-950-4455 extension 205 or dcollins@nebrcul.org for a customized planning quote.