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Consultative Services

Accounting Training and Assistance

The League can answer accounting questions and provide advice to help solve accounting problems. Additionally, the consultants can train employees about accounting. They use the STAR Program Accounting Track Modules.

Asset-Liability Management

A "What-If" software package is used by the consultants to assist credit unions in evaluating the impact of their pricing concepts in either a falling rate and/or rising rate environment.

Budget Assistance

The League can assist credit unions with analytical and decision-based budgeting. League staff assists credit unions in determining what their needs are in terms of asset growth, loan and investment activity, share growth, ROA (net income or bottom line) and credit union capitalization.

Business Plan Development

League staff can assist credit unions with the development of various levels of business plans. Evaluation of the credit union's planning needs will help the credit union and League staff arrives at the best possible type of plan to create. Small credit unions may need only a few goals and detailed action plans to accomplish those goals. The more sophisticated and progressive credit unions may want a strategic plan to help them take advantage of their competitive opportunities.

Chapter Planning Assistance

League staff can facilitate chapter planning. They can also assist the credit union to secure speakers and or interact with the program committee to plan subject matter and programs that appeal to the members.

Charter and Field of Membership Changes

League staff can provide credit unions with assistance and guidance when planning for charter and field-of-membership changes.

Handling Regulator/Examiners' Findings

League staff can help you plan for resolving regulator and examiner's findings. Because of their experience, League staff understands what the examiners are expecting the credit union to accomplish. League staff can provide advice about handling a resolution, customize sample policy, procedures and guidelines to meet the needs of the credit union and the requirements of the regulator.

Contact Dan Collins, NCUL Vice President at 800-950-4455 extension 205 or dcollins@nebrcul.org to discuss these services in greater detail.