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CU Data & Statistics

·         Monthly Credit Union Estimates [PDF]The Monthly Credit Union Estimates is generated from credit unions who volunteer to submit a brief summary of monthly financial information. Sign up today!
·         Credit Union Reports
·         U.S. Credit Union Profile - Mid-Year 2013 - Preliminary
·         State by State Credit Union Member Benefits
o    Benefit of Tax Exemption By Congressional District
Credit Union Statistics - Members Only
·         Top 100 Credit Unions ORS
·         Recent Credit Union Trends (10-year; Detailed Overview)
·         Tax Estimates (Based on Year End 2012 report) [PDF]
·         State-by-State Credit Union Financial Summary [PDF] (June 2013)
·         State by State Bank/CU Overviews
·         State by State Member Business Lending Estimates
·         Asset Quality Trends [PDF] or spreadsheet [XLS] (June 2013)
·         Asset Quality Trends by State [PDF] or spreadsheet [XLS] (June 2013)
CU vs. Bank Comparisons
·         Frequently Requested CU/Bank Comparisons [PDF] or spreadsheet [XLS]
·         Commercial Banks & Credit Unions: Facts, Fallacies, and Recent Trends [PDF]
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