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Better Your Money Awareness Campaign

The campaign was designed and developed to give Nebraska credit unions another edge over the competition.  The League is launched the consumer awareness site as a means to drive membership growth and retention.  With the average age of a credit union member now at 48, the credit union movement needs to find new ways to attract younger members.  The League is therefore committed to going to the one place where youth is prevalent – the internet.

Research has shown that when communicating with the Gen X and Gen Y market segment, an extremely bright and media savvy group, messaging needs to be direct, simple, honest, humorous and subtle – not a hard sell – and it has to be visually striking, clean and contemporary.  A primary focal point of the campaign was the creation of two characters “money” and “credit union”, who find themselves in a variety of troublesome and funny financial scenarios and speaks to these generations in their own language. 

Betteryourmoney.org provides multiple utility and function.  In addition to its focused messaging to the younger market segment, the site will also tell the credit union story in a conversational, engaging and informative manner, bringing to life the warm and attentive personality of Nebraska credit unions; provide clear and concise information of credit union facts that may not be well understood, such as credit union structure, federal insurance coverage, depth and breadth of products and services, rate advantages over traditional banks, personal service, etc.; lend credibility to the credit union story by profiling third party articles about credit unions and make it easy for consumers to find credit unions for which they qualify.

The Better Your Money awareness campaign is driven by the concept that built on trust; credit unions can make a real and meaningful impact on the lives of consumers.  We know that you share our commitment to telling anyone who will listen what we already know – credit unions are a better deal!